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Disabled parking permits generally take the form of either specially marked license plates or a placard that hangs from the rear-view mirror. Plates are generally used for disabled drivers on their personal vehicle, while the portable disability placard can be moved from one vehicle to another with the disabled person, both when driving or when riding with another driver.

The medical requirements to obtain a permit vary by state, but are usually confined to specific types of disabilities or conditions. These as a general rule include the use of any assistive device such as a wheelchair, crutches, or cane, as well as a missing leg or foot. Some states also include certain cardiovascular, pain, or respiratory conditions. About half of US states include blindness as a qualifying disability enabling the person to obtain a disability parking permit for use as a passenger, and 14 states include a disabled hand as a qualifying disability. Four states include deafness (Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, Wyoming), and two states (Virginia and New York) include mental illness or developmental disabilities as qualifying disabilities.

Who can get Disabled parking permits?

· Your mobility is severely disabled because of a disease or disorder;

· You’re restricted by lung disease, specifically with a forced expiratory volume (FEV) for 1 second, when measured by spirometry, is less than 1 liter or your arterial oxygen tension is less than 60mm/hg at rest;

· You’re missing or loss the use of one or both hands;

· You have a significant impairment, are missing or loss the use of one or both legs;

· You have vision issues, such as low vision or blindness;

Your doctor will also have to provide detailed descriptions of your disabling conditions when noted on the application.

How long are disable parking permit placards valid in US?

Temporary Placards:
Valid for up to 6 months or date specified by your doctor;
Can’t be renewed more than 6 consecutive times;

· Permanent Placards and Plates:
Valid for 2 years

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