Who we are?

IDLORD aims to help our fake IDs’ buyers to achieve the results they need to make their life colorful. Equipped with the top-notched machines, we have managed to print every ID with perfect features, and successfully encrypted barcode & counterfeit features that demanded by you.

What can a Fake ID or Scannable ID be used for?

Teens & under 21: Getting into bar, club, casino, or even at liquor store
Online verification: Verify all kinds of payment gateways, such as Credit/debit card, Bitcoin etc
Identity disguiser: Identity disguiser, when you want to do something and not be recognized


IDLORD Product Features

All Fake IDs or scannable IDs are featuring both side holograms and scannable barcodes


  • All-round services

    24/7 online support 

  • 100% payment security

    Credit/Debit Card, Zelle, Bitcoin

  • Start a new life

    Invisable and get high

  • Efficient team work

    1-2 weeks to your hands