1.How long does it take about my scannable card arrangement?

The process time limit,for reference only,NOT 100%:
- Fast shipping: 5 days for production, and 1 week for delivery
- Free shipping: 5 days for production, and 2 weeks for delivery
Note: urgent order for priority processing, please contact us!

2. How to make my own scannable card?

Place an order on Idlord.com
Step 1: Click on the ORDER section and place orders
Step 2: Submit the info, photo, and signature For the card
Step 3: Finish the payment
Step 4: Get the Tracking number
Step 5: Wait for the Card

3. Are all the card produce by IDLORD are scannable?

Of course!The card producing by IDLORD are featuring barcodes on the back correct holograms on them and look identical to its authentic ones. And also we will using BCS card Scanner to verify every card are scannable before shipping.
No matter APP or bend test and the blacklight test we can pass.

4. Can I get Refund or Reprint?

We provide reprint identity card only in our scannable card does not match your requirements or any mishandling is detected on our part.
We have a satisfied customer base of thousands, and we have high tech operation team to ensure each card will be fulfill your requirements before shopping.
For Refunds will be provided in case you do not receive for our fault.

5. What kinds of payment methods about IDlord scannable card or Green or SS number card?

We accept Credit/Debit Card,Btcs

Credit/Debit Card
Step 1: Enter your card number
Step 2: Select the cards, expired Date
Step 3: Enter The CVC number

Pay from a BTCs wallet app on your smartphone
Step 1: Login Coinbase Wallet app on device.
Step 2: Enter the amount.
Step 3: Select BTCs
Step 4: Tap Next to Scan QR code or enter the exact recipient address.

6. What are you suggest info printed on the ID?

Sure, we can send us your address, DOB, Signature, and DL number full name for you. Finally make sure to submit accurate info and photos.

7. Different between IDLORD’s scannable card and the real card?

All the cards producing by IDLORD are LEGIT, scannable, identical to real thing, with barcode, UV pattern and hologram layer. There is no different between two cards.

8. Are you legit and won't scam me?

We Providing 24/7 online customer service the fastest answer to your any scannable ids questions
100% scannable, blend, UV, hologram, micro-text etc.
Keeping update in each time of Change from State with professional industrial printing and efficient operation team.

But please make sure you are ordering on www.idlord.com we are the one and only one site.

9. Can you provide free duplicates for us?

Yes, all orders from us will be come with free duplicates for each client.

10. Can I change my delivery address if I already placed the order?

Please make sure that your card has NOT shipped yet. If it has, there is nothing we can do.

11. How to provide right photo for the card?

1. selfie.
2. Background we can edit for you.
3. Avoid eyes looking down, instead, looking towards to the camera.
4. without eyewear is allowed except eyeglasses

12. What to do when the package is returned?

Please contact the support for help.
The package will be resend when is returned for our fault.
Instead, we will not send any more.

24/7 Support