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Our Legit ID Features & How We Manage It


Our ID cards apply for multiple cases, with the following counterfeit features, 100% Legit identical to real Goverment Issued Docuements. It is the key that disguishes ourseleves from other cheap quality sellers.

     1. Same Feel & Texture

  2. Scannable

  3. Hologram

  4. UV Image

  5. Fluorescent Overlay

  6. Micro-printing


--- 1. )  Same feel & Texture   

We adopt the same materials as real card to achieve the flexibility and bendable features. With our hot stamping tech, we manage to combine the multiples layers into one cards, and PVC layers won't peel off.


--- 2. ) Scannable  


With our industry level printer, we easily code your ID Info to pass a scanner.

ID card printing process with a barcode, making it workable to pop up all you info when it get scanned.  


--- 3. ) Hologram



With a strong tech team and mould construction ability, we made it to form a nti-counterfeit holograms as surface relief patterns in plastic film, incorporating a reflective aluminum coating that provides light to reconstruct a holographic image.


--- 4. UV Image


It's important and basic knowlege when someone such as bartenders to flash a black light to check the UV Pattern of ID to check whether it is real or a fake work. For each card we printed, we will conduct black light test to ensure the UV Image have been complete.

For exmpale, under a UV light, the California ID second ghost image will appear above the black and white portrait and birthdate will vertically appear across large color picture.


--- 5. ) Fluorescent Overlay


Under normal light, when you move around the cards, it will show the counterfeit features such as state seal cricle, typical state is New Jersey.


--- 6. )  Micro-printing


Also known as microtext, which is commonly used in ID card , for counterfeit  features like the microtext are used on highly secure ID cards, it will appear as a regular thin line when checked by visual . Our cards also are printed with microdots, a tiny grid of dots small and faint enough that you can't see them with the naked eye under normal lighting.

NOTE: If you need any help, or if you have any ideas to cooperate with us, welcome to CONTACT US.

Phone/Text: +1 4702280575  

E-mail: order@idlord.com

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